PANTENE PRO-V IV PRICE | The PANTENE price that changes according to the sun's strength.

when the UV rays 
were strong↑ / the PANTENE price
went down ↓ when the UV rays 
were weak ↓ / the PANTENE price
went up ↑

Everty second the PANTENE price changed like the stock market.
The stronger the sun the cheaper the price. Everyone was anxious for the price to drop.


UV rays damage your hair 3 times more than your skin.


PANTENE can automatically mend your hair, even after strong UV ray damage.


In summer, everybody cares for their skin, but nobody cares for their hair.

A special beach house with shower booths was made just for PANTENE.


"UV_PRICE" The PANTENE price that changes according to the sun’s strength.

First, we made a special PANTENE summer beach house near Tokyo.
A special digital signage inside, showed the visitors the accurate UV ray figures in real-time,
measured through a UV ray detector on the roof.

When the UV rays were strong the PANTENE price went down.
When the UV rays were weak the PANTENE price went up.

The price changed every second, like the stock market, creating a real-time bargain sale to all women at the sunny beach, using real-time data in a never before way.

The UV detector on the roof was linked to the digital signage.


8,906 purchased PANTENE through UV_PRICE.

Everyone was happy to pay for the special bargain and learned to care for their hair on sunny days with PANTENE.

The sun gave the women a tan and a bargain.