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Promotion for “OKAMOTO ZERO ONE", the world's thinnest condom. Japan is one of the top countries manufacturing condoms with industry----leading technology. However, this country is ranked 3rd worst in the world in terms of condom usage. This fact led OKAMOTO to develop a promotion not only aiming at selling more of their products, but to raise the overall condom use rate in Japan.
Strict regulations towards condoms in traditional medias in Japan only leaves a few chances for people to be in contact with condom related information. We decided to focus on online and social medias, to create buzz----making contents especially to attract the attention of young people, who are unfamiliar with condom topics. Our main goal is to take down the invisible wall between young people and condoms to significantly raise the condom use rate.


Men and Women are creatures that can’t understand each other. They happen to completely fail at guessing what the other is thinking. Further more, the Japanese virtue of speaking less and “reading emotions” as well as “giving way
to others”, are making the misunderstandings that occur between couples more complicated.
Our goal is to standardize condom use by letting people experience what their partners are feeling when that time comes to wear a condom.


We decided to create a VR content allowing the users to experience the true feelings o their partners: “Gender Switch System”. This VR movie allows you to take a look into your partner’s head, and hear its ‘inner voice’ as the story proceeds. Turn the VR headset or smartphone left to right, the user can switch the point of view between female or male and experience the inner conflict that occurs around relationships.


The truth-revealing VR content allows the user to hear the inner voice of the main character. They can switch the point of view between the male character or the female character anytime during the movie by rotating 90° to either left or right.
Instead of CG animation, we chose live action to create a realistic experience. The immersive movie was realised with rigs we taylor made to attach the fisheye equipped GoPro directly onto the actors to comply with the 360° VR environment. For perfect synchronisation of each male and female footage, we played the dialogues out from the speaker during the shoot asmarkers. This content was mainly developed for VR headsets, but we also made it to adapt to smartphone's gyro sensors. In spite of the strict restrictions of advertising condoms in Japanese media platform, the movie has obtained massive mediaattention and social media coverage.

The system we have developed automatically switches the point of view between man and woman every time the userʼs field of vision reaches the end of the screen. By getting to experience the exact same situation with opposite point of view, users can grasp every difference between a man and a womanʼs mindset.


This VR movie is designed to be enjoyed on multiple devices, such as VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but also with Google Cardboard or the smartphone alone. From trade show to the streets, the movie can be enjoyed in any environment, which made this movie become viral .


This series of projects have been covered by countless media. The project alone gained over 1.2 million page views and media value of 60 million yen. In total the with the previous projects, it reached 40 million page views and media value of 4.3 billion yen. Most importantly the campaign went viral, and was widely spread among young generations through twitter and other social media platform. While the media exposure for condom is highly restricted, we have created an opportunity for people to start talking more openly about condoms. Overall it has gained brand awareness and improved the company image.

over 1.2 million page views media value of 60 million yen