In Japan, it has been a taboo to advertise condom products openly on TV commercials and other media. On top of that, Japan is currently ranked as the 3rd worst country for condom usage. Based on a survey of 400 people on condom use awareness, the Lovers Laboratory has developed new contents to get young people to think about the use of condoms.

Through the research they discovered young people had concerns such as, forgetting to carry condoms, and not knowing the right timing to take the condom out. To solve these problems Lovers Lab invented the wearable condom device, “Zero One Belt”. The condom will be stored safely inside the buckle of Zero One Belt, and can be taken out with style before the act of love.

Zero One Belt was covered by numerous media, such as TV, newspaper, magazine, and online media, earning over 40 million PV, 4 billion yen worth of media exposure, and increased 44% sales than the previous year. It became the hot topics of discussion on social media among younger generation. This became the icebreaker for people to communicate openly about condoms. This project raised brand awareness, and contributed on elevating the brand image.